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KONY 2012



Random like me

It’s Tuesday.

I’m Tuesday.

I feel I must write something in this space. Problem is, I’m finding it difficult to organize my thoughts and subsequently, my topics.

I’ll be damned if I keep writing about the boy that broke my heart. Regardless of the fact that I’m always thinking about him.

I could write about the boy that holds so much potential. But it’s too soon to speak on that.

I could write about moving North to enjoy the summer in a different city. But there really isn’t very much to write about there. I’m moving simply to do new things, meet new people and well…because I can.

I could wax philosophical about how being a wife and mother don’t really appeal to me. But societal pressure is a BEAST and that fucker is trying to break my back. One more set of wedding or newborn photos on FB and I’m gonna take a kill pill.

If I started writing about the fact that I may or may not be living my best, I’ll be here all night so let’s save that for a rainy day.

Rainy days…how about this weather we’re having?

Time to exit stage left.



I’m baaaaaack!