Random like me

It’s Tuesday.

I’m Tuesday.

I feel I must write something in this space. Problem is, I’m finding it difficult to organize my thoughts and subsequently, my topics.

I’ll be damned if I keep writing about the boy that broke my heart. Regardless of the fact that I’m always thinking about him.

I could write about the boy that holds so much potential. But it’s too soon to speak on that.

I could write about moving North to enjoy the summer in a different city. But there really isn’t very much to write about there. I’m moving simply to do new things, meet new people and well…because I can.

I could wax philosophical about how being a wife and mother don’t really appeal to me. But societal pressure is a BEAST and that fucker is trying to break my back. One more set of wedding or newborn photos on FB and I’m gonna take a kill pill.

If I started writing about the fact that I may or may not be living my best, I’ll be here all night so let’s save that for a rainy day.

Rainy days…how about this weather we’re having?

Time to exit stage left.




About Veronica Tuesday

Veronica Tuesday is the most personable, social, people-hating person you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. And when you do meet her, it will indeed be your pleasure. Ms. Tuesday reads as if Guy Montag is knocking on her door, and sleeps way more than one human should. Outside of those two things she eats and tries to keep insanity at bay.

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