I just did something!

Yikes. I just bought a domain name, site security, and an email address for a business I plan to start. I’m nervous as fuck, excited, and scared. I also have a 30-day window to get a refund. I ain’t no fool.what-have-i-done

This feels…dear god, there are too many emotions right now! I want to be successful. I don’t want to fail. I want to make money. What I don’t know, is if I want to “make a name for myself”. Can you start a business without actually making a name for yourself? How would I get clients? Someone told me that I’m going to have to create a “public persona” and I almost melted in horror. Me? PUBLIC persona? The thought or relinquishing ANY part of my (held in a vice-grip) privacy gives me the upsets.

But, I’ve got work to do. A business to build. So I’m gonna end here and maybe come back later after I drown the bitch in my head who’s trying to tell me I shouldn’t do this.

Fuck you, bitch.


About Veronica Tuesday

Veronica Tuesday is the most personable, social, people-hating person you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. And when you do meet her, it will indeed be your pleasure. Ms. Tuesday reads as if Guy Montag is knocking on her door, and sleeps way more than one human should. Outside of those two things she eats and tries to keep insanity at bay.

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