Monthly Archives: January 2018

Get me ON this ship!

Last night I braved the frigid temps and went to a small dinner party. I’m happy I did. Not only because I need to sustain a certain level of social interaction, but because I got an idea for a life change that I want to explore.

One of my friends once worked as an entertainer on a cruise ship. And as we talked last night about dream jobs, hobbies, life, and careers, I discovered that there may be a way that I could turn my love of travel into a way of life. What if I did sales or marketing for a cruise ship that sails the Caribbean?

Think about it…I could: see my family weekly or monthly, get out from under this hum drum life that I have led and continue to lead in DC, travel extensively, lower my living expenses to almost nothing, rent my house, quit the non-profit fundraising game, and meet lots of new people from all over the world. Those are HUGE pros. And what some people would consider a con—having to live and work on a ship—I consider another pro.

I am interested in shaking up my life, in injecting some kind of excitement and joy, in feeling like I’m living instead of just surviving. I’m not saying, nor would I ever, that I have a bad life. I am doing relatively well. I own a home, I have a job that allows me a certain level of comfort, and my friends and family are healthy. This doesn’t mean though that there isn’t more, because there is, and I want to find it. I want to live it. Experience it. There HAS to be more. Right?

My friend has promised to reach out to contacts that she still has in the cruise industry and TJ (former and sometimes current lover) has offered to put me in contact with someone he knows who does recruiting for cruise ships.

Everything about this excites me. The possibility of living outside of the US at this particular time is incredible, as I desperately want the opportunity to get away from this racist shithole of a country.

So I promise myself to do this. To explore this possibility and do all that I can to make it happen. Because sometimes, shit actually turns out the way you want it to. Will this be one of those times?

I guess we’ll see. 🙂